That's our vision. That's who we are. That's Berlin 2.0.

It all started in the Internet's ice age. Back in 2003, there wasn't much glory and confidence about the future of Internet businesses. Many online companies vanished and countless of spacious loft offices in Berlin were suddenly left empty. The term "dot com company" was suddenly no longer something to be proud of.
But we saw light at the end of the tunnel and we didn't want to surrender. Berlin was simply too vivid and too many bright minds had settled already in Berlin. We had the vision of Berlin becoming the European capital of the digital economy.
We had a plan: Let's bring together the smartest digital pioneers & visionaries of Berlin. Together we will be strong and can help each other. This is were Berlin 2.0 all started.
The very first Berlin 2.0 was a dinner with 8 friends who we had met before the dot com crash. This list grew quickly to 40 befriended Internet pioneers. When we reached the magical number of 100 for the first time, Berlin 2.0 closed its doors to stay within a personal circle of trust.