The Event

The exclusive community of digital pioneers.
Only the best and brightest top 100 gather at Berlin 2.0 every six months.

Our roots

It all started in the Internet's ice age.

Back in 2003, there wasn't much glory or confidence in the future of Internet businesses. Many online companies vanished and countless of spacious loft offices in Berlin were suddenly left empty. The term "dot com company" was no longer something to be proud of. But we saw light at the end of the tunnel and didn’t give up. So GameDuell founders Boris Wasmuth, Kai Bolik and Michael Kalkowski created Berlin 2.0.

Top 100

The best & brightest.

It all started as a small dinner of eight friends in 2005 which grew rapidly to a circle of trust of 100. Today this high level of trust is still in the event’s DNA. Only the best and brightest digital pioneers gather at Berlin 2.0 every six months.

At eye level

Networking at its best. 

No lengthy presentations, no sales pitches. Instead, look each other straight in the eye and have in-depth discussions. Share experiences and take home learnings. All this together with highly inspiring people.

In Berlin

In 2005 we had a vision 

that if key web leaders worked together, Berlin could become one of the most important locations of the digital economy. Now it is the Silicon Valley of Europe and its digital economy is the one the world is talking about. In Berlin you meet the people behind the scenes.


Managing Director Project A Ventures

Berlin 2.0 has established itself as one of the most substantial and useful networking events in the German-speaking internet field.

Partner AKM3

What I find so great about Berlin 2.0 is the consistency in the number of visitors. There's always someone new but never too many people at once. As the group has always been relatively small (and will hopefully stay that way), there is a feeling of intimacy and trust. The connections made there were, and will continue to be, one of the drivers which makes Berlin Europe's internet metropolis.

CEO GameDuell

The main reason for Berlin's success is the high number of creative and innovative people that have chosen Berlin as their place to live and work. With Berlin 2.0, we have created a regular event to bring leading internet pioneers together, discuss ideas and exchange experiences. We hope that this is a small piece in the puzzle for Berlin's continued success as the internet hub of Europe.

Managing Director Berlin Ventures

Berlin 2.0 is probably the oldest and definitely the most distinguished meeting of the Berlin Internet industry. This long-standing and ongoing gathering of the decision makers and creators of the Berlin web scene has surely contributed to making Berlin one of the most important cities in the Internet industry after Silicon Valley.


Co-Founder Berlin 2.0 & Managing Director Marketing GameDuell

The dot-com crash in 2001 destroyed the early blossoms of the German Internet Age within a few months. But we believed that the Schumpeter'sche creative destruction in combination with the non-conformist spirit of Berlin can become a powerful entrepreneurial mix. We saw great need to connect the Internet community and move forward. That's why we founded Berlin 2.0.


CEO of Taxfix Berlin 2.0 is clearly one of the key networks to connect with the influencers of Berlin's tech scene. In reality, this is a very vibrant and inspiring "Berlin 4.0" crowd paired with "Berlin 2.0" decades of experience and success.



This mix of entrepreneurship, willingness to take risks, creativity, curiosity, questioning, thinking differently, openness to new things, internationality - you only find it in one place in Europe. That's Berlin.

Founder Idealo Cool, fun, exclusive and held in the most beautiful venues. For years now Berlin 2.0 has been the best networking event of the Berlin internet start-up scene! The GameDuell team organized a magnificent event, “for Friends by Friends”, the most pleasant forum for getting to know new bright minds in the Berlin entrepreneur scene.

Managing Director Google Germany

Berlin 2.0 has become an integral part of the new "Digital Berlin". It's a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and friends and to find out about the latest ideas in our industry. Berlin 2.0 has been a fixed date in my calendar for a long time.

Co-Founder of Forto & Co-Founder of Leaders for Climate Action The Berlin digital scene is more vibrant, innovative and successful than ever before. Events such as Berlin 2.0 significantly contribute to creating this special spirit and encourage the cultivation of this unique synergy.


Blogger & Author

If it’s being said in the media around the world that Berlin has become a capital city for start-ups, then it can only be attributed to years of intensive work toward this development. The Berlin 2.0 event is at the root of this.


Founder Fox & Sheep

To me, Berlin 2.0 is the perfect combination of an evening full of interesting conversations with friends and an authentic “capital city feeling” in a special atmosphere.



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GameDuell builds multiplayer games for the mass market around the globe. They use cutting-edge open source technologies to create a rich gaming experience across multiple platforms - iOS, Android, Facebook, and their own websites. GameDuell is one of Europe's most experienced games studios with over 70 multiplayer titles and more than a decade of success in the online world.


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